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Here at Siobhan we believe in the power of print! We prefer to hand you a finished product that you and your loved ones can cherish for generations to come. Printing your favorite images now is an investment in those memories for many generations. There is nothing more magical than seeing your absolute FAVORITE image as a gorgeous piece to display in your home or together with all of your other favorites in an album!! We do understand the digital age so we are happy to share with you a social media sized version of every photo you order as a print!



Senior Sessions

*All prints purchased from these sessions come with a duplicate social media sized file for digital sharing!

*Add a Professional Make-up and Hair Artist  ( + $100 to any session) to make it a full Model Experience that will surely make one to remember!!! (May be temporarily unavailable due to the current health crisis)


Graduate: $100

45 Minute Session

2 Outfits

$500 Minimum Purchase



1.5 Hour session

Three Outfits

$600 Minimum Purchase


Valedictorian: $250

2 Hour session

Unlimited Outfit Changes

$800 Minimum Purchase


1. The consultation: We require a consultation with each of our seniors so we can get to know them better. This will enable us to work together to structure a shoot that will help to capture you in the most genuine and extraordinary way! During the consultation we will guide you through our studio so you are familiar with the process and then we will pick a date for when you come back for your session. We encourage all of our seniors to make a small list of things they are interested in or hobbies that we can incorporate into your session that really just make the photos about you! (this can be a mental list too)! After all it's not just about getting great images, it's also about having a good time and creating an experience that will stay with you for years. We also offer an on sight make-up artist to help truly make this experience into a fun day of pampering before your session! (Let us know in advance of your session if you want the help of our hair/make-up stylist)


2. The Day of your session: You will arrive and be guided into your very own dressing room. *With the help of our personal stylist you will be ready to slay your session! The real fun can then begin as Misty and David work together to create a fun atmosphere and help guide you into natural posing that will flatter your body type and help you to relax! You will truly be amazed at the images your experience will yield, YOU WILL FEEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!



3. Picking your favorite Images: You will come back to the studio on a date we pick while you're here for your session to view your gallery. (Due to the current health crisis we offer a gallery viewing option from the safety of your own home*ask for details) We will help guide you through the process step by step of selecting your favorite images to put on wall art, prints or albums to display in your home or gift out to friends and family. Most of our seniors can expect to spend between $1000-$2,500 some spend more and some spend less it will depend on what your personal preference is for your favorite products!!